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Are a strong and innovative company managed and staffed by highly qualified professionals with many years of experience.

  Our key features

- Imagination coupled with hard work to achieve objectives.
- Honesty, perseverance and experience.
- Professional and committed staff.
- Ability to perceive clients' needs and implement appropriate
  solutions for their benefit.


Technical and External Services Director
  Christian Berger

  Víctor Manuel Estévez Vázquez

  Jordi Arias Gómez

Software Division
  Víctor Manuel Estévez Vázquez

Managing Director
  Christian Berger

  Professional Services

  • Maintenance of Incore and Thermocouple systems
     in all Spanish PWR plants:
   -Almaraz I
   -Almaraz II
   -Ascó I
   -Ascó II
   -Vandellós II

  • Sale of machines:
   -Beijing RIC Nuclear Instrument Joint Venture Co. Ltd.

  Machinery Division

Completed Projects:
-NI Brushing Machine
-NI Teleflex Lubricator
-NI Integral Solution Teleflex
-NI Cleaning Thimbles
-NI Ice Plug

Ongoing Projects:
- NI Push Puller

  Software Division

NI Thermocouple Visual Inspection:
Computer program for visual inspection of thermocouples.
Can manage several video cameras simultaneously and
issue real-time automated reports.

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