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División software:
NI Inspección Visual Termopares
NI software for Visual Inspection of Thermocouples

This is a computer program for visual inspection of thermocouples, able to manage two or four video cameras, X and Y, enabling in real time to:

• Take photographs.
• Take videos.
• Subtitle videos and photographs.
• Freehand drawing on the screen to indicate any faults.
• 3D map of columns and thermocouples, indicating the thermocouples inspected.
• Monitoring time used and time remaining.

  • Issue of a report including data on: nuclear plant, stop number, date, subtitled video with coordinates and status, photograph and diagnosis for each thermocouple, global final report that the program can send via electronic mail, in PDF format, to the previously configured recipient.

All functions are performed automatically, resulting in a substantial reduction in operation time, higher diagnostic quality and elimination of duplicated and redundant work. Text verification, photographs and videos and relevant reports are made in real time, without the need for post-production of videos, subtitling, content analysis or report drafting.

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