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At New Incore we have been working in nuclear engineering for over 15 years. Our aim is to improve instrumentation processes, increasing the safety of the technical staff operating in nuclear refuelling, and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our own know-how and the innovation we apply to our processes have enabled us to position New Incore at the forefront of the sector, becoming over the years the only European company specialising in Incore and Thermocouple systems of Westinghouse-designed power plants.


Both the Incore and Thermocouple systems require preventive, predictive and corrective instrumentation processes throughout the life of the reactor. At New Incore we are specialists in carrying out these processes, both during the recharging process and during normal operation, always applying the criteria of excellence that characterise us.

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Tailor-made engineering

Tailor-made engineering

Based on New Incore’s proven and validated technology, and our team’s knowledge and experience, we adapt to customer requirements in order to build innovative, optimised and customised technological solutions. Tailor-made projects, in terms of performance and costs. Tailor-made projects, in terms of performance and costs.

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Incore custom engineering
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Our machinery portfolio is unique in the world. New Incore’s patented technology shortens operating times by up to 60% and reduces radiation exposure to plant staff. Power plants that use our technology have been able to improve safety, boost productivity and increase process profitability.

Incore Platform

The Incore platform is a simulator that exactly replicates the Flow Mapping system of Westinghouse’s PWR power plants. A platform for training, innovation and pioneering research, aimed at improving the quality of our services and of the nuclear sector. Training, more real than ever.

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