NI Test & Control Box

for Incore Systems


Taking measurements of electro-mechanisms within Incore maintenance is one of the key tasks and, at the same time, a major source of radiation exposure and contamination for staff. At New Incore we have developed a machine that allows these shots to be taken much more efficiently and safely thanks to its remote system and compact design.

Less contact,
more efficiency

The NI Test & Control Box is a compact, portable machine that connects directly to the unit to be measured via a long distance cable. It has a measurement panel inside from which electrical checks of microswitches, motors and safety and extraction limits can be carried out remotely and from a single location without the need to dismantle the equipment. Thanks to the length of the cable (varying from 5 to 8 metres), measurements can be made at a greater distance from the source of contamination and radiation, significantly reducing exposure for operators.

In addition, its touch screen allows direct and intuitive operation of the drive unit, the 5-way transfer unit and the 10-way transfer unit. A system designed to streamline the process and drastically reduce exposure to radiation and contamination.


Its measurement panel has been designed to be straightforward, intuitive and faster to use. It also comes equipped with a touch screen that makes tasks easier and allows operators to have a much clearer idea of each step of the process.

Portable and
Control and measurement, all in one place

The NI Test & Control Box has been designed to be an efficient and very compact solution. A case design makes it our most practical and portable machine.

In addition, the design of its control panel allows all the necessary control and electrical measurement tasks to be carried out from a single location, meaning that less time is needed to complete them.

What does it include?

Our most compact and practical machine, with all the accessories necessary for its use.

NI Test & Control Box

Control case

Storage case

Power hose cable (230Vac)

5-way control hose cable

10-way control hose cable

Instruction manual

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