NI Cleaning Thimbles

for Incore Systems

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Thimbles in the Incore system tend to accumulate dirt particles that can lead to probe blockage, increased irradiation of the material and even premature deterioration. To prevent this from happening, they must undergo preventive maintenance, but the traditional cleaning procedure involves a radiation risk for staff entering the area with the highest exposure to chemical agents.

NI Cleaning Thimbles is a patented machine developed by New Incore to automate Thimble cleaning. Its design and operation minimises radiation exposure to both staff and material, thus reducing operation time.




NI Cleaning Thimbles is extremely easy to use. Thanks to its small size, the machine body and control unit can be placed on or next to the sealing table.

Once the equipment is connected, the technician in charge can operate it remotely via a digital touchscreen device connected to the control panel via Ethernet. . To start it up, you simply specify the distance, torque and operating speed, and during operation, the operator can have full control of the machine’s status through different signalling elements, very easy to identify, which report the situation in real time.

Double brushing.

Better results.

The machine performs a double cleaning by means of a Teleflex cable. Firstly, it removes the dirt particles with a stainless-steel brush and then repeats the operation with a nylon brush. This ensures thorough cleaning of the thimbles.

Maximum control

at all times.

Precise movement

Inspired by the operation of the Incore system’s drive unit, the Cleaning Thimbles incorporates a drive motor and geared motor to control the movement and speed of the cleaning cable.

Smart suction

NI Cleaning Thimbles has an automatic suction system to absorb the dirt extracted from the thimbles, controlled by a pressure vacuum gauge. If the suction is interrupted, the machine stops and the operator is immediately informed by means of an indicator light on the control box.

What does it include?

NI Cleaning Thimbles

Drive unit

Control panel

Control box with Ethernet connection

Connection cables

Replacement parts

Instruction manual

Technical support via video call



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