NI Integral Solutions

for Teleflex cables

NI Integral Solutions Teleflex Cables
The current procedure for cleaning and lubricating Teleflex cables involves manual intervention in the Incore room. This means longer processes, more staff involved and thus more exposure to radiation. In addition, in processes such as the lubrication of Teleflex cables, the high doses of radiation prevent the complete lubrication of the cable, which in the long term can lead to its deterioration and blockage due to excessive friction.

NI Integral Solutions is a worldwide unique package specially developed to optimise the cleaning and lubrication processes of Teleflex cables and to reduce the radiation exposure of the staff in charge, thanks to its remote operation.

NI Teleflex Brushing

Teleflex cable cleaning
for L and U plants

Teleflex Lubrication Cleaning Pack

NI Teleflex Lubricator

Teleflex cable lubrication
for L and U plants


simpler and safer system

The NI Integral solutions package is characterised by its simple and safe operation. Both machines are connected to the reference channel just once during installation, once to the valve at one end and once to its outlet at the other end. This enables cleaning and lubrication of the five cables without the need for repeated handling of the probes.

Once installation is complete, the whole process can be carried out with a maximum of 2 operators: one in the control room, in charge of controlling the drive unit, and one outside the Incore room, managing the cleaning and lubrication of the cables through their respective control boxes.

First, cleaning
NI Teleflex

NI Teleflex Brushing is a New Incore patented machine intended to replace the current Teleflex cable cleaning process. Its technology allows this work to be carried out faster, safer and more efficiently.


NI technology enables automated cleaning with less exposure for staff in charge.


Its intuitive control box only has two buttons, making it very easy to use.


It has a suction outlet for dirt removal controlled by a pressure vacuum gauge which, in case of interruption of suction, stops the machine operation, which will be reported to the operator by an indicator light on the control box.

And for lubrication,
NI Teleflex
The unique design and technology of the NI Teleflex Lubricator allows for complete lubrication of Teleflex cables with less exposure to operators and through a safer, more efficient and faster process.

Full lubrication

Its design and the possibility of remote control allow 100% lubrication of the Teleflex cable, unlike the traditional method where, due to radiation exposure, it is not possible to reach the most critical area of the cable.

Uniform and efficient

Pulsajet injection guns provide homogeneous lubrication; and the recovery tank allows for the recovery of excess neolube.

Reduced staff

Furthermore, in plants with an Ethernet connection in the control room, the entire process can be carried out by a single operator, thus reducing the number of staff required.

than ever.

The two machines that make up the pack have been designed so that both installation and operation can be carried out quickly and easily by a single operator. Both are operated via intuitive, wireless controls, so that the operator can operate them remotely without the risk of contamination or radiation.

Small and portable

Their design makes them quick and easy to install, dismantle, clean and decontaminate, which can be carried out by a single technician. In addition, the height of each machine can be adjusted using the foot provided, which allows for flexible handling.


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