Tailor-made engineering

At New Incore we adapt to the requirements of the companies we work with, developing customised machinery and studying the needs of each customer in order to improve their processes.

We design tailor-made solutions.

The tailor-made engineering service was created to respond to the specific needs of our customers, which the current catalogue does not cover. Taking New Incore’s validated technology as a reference point, we develop prototypes and systems capable of meeting each customer’s specific requirements in terms of performance and cost.

What does the process involve?

1. Consultancy

We arrange a meeting with the customer to determine their requirements and gather all the information that can help us to do our job better.

2. Study

Based on what was established in the previous phase, we carry out a technical and market study that allows us to evaluate the best solutions for our customer’s needs.

3. Proposal

We make a design proposal to be validated by the customer, always seeking to ensure the best possible solution in terms of performance, cost and time.

4. Manufacturing

After validation of the proposal based on drawings, the manufacturing phase begins. We develop a first prototype of the product that will allow us to analyse how it actually works

5. Testing

This is a fundamental phase in which we make the necessary adjustments and improvements to present the customer with a fine-tuned product that meets their initial needs.

6. Delivery

After finishing the adjustments, we deliver the final product with all its accessories and guarantees, optimised to meet the customer’s needs.


Process optimisation is possible.

We believe that both nuclear power plants and the external companies that operate them can progress towards a future in which work is more efficient, more profitable and safer. And thanks to the development of new machinery and the design of new action plans, it is getting closer and closer. At New Incore we provide our know-how and experience and turn it into innovative products capable of optimising plant operation processes.















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