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New Incore is the only European company focused solely on the Incore and Thermocouple systems of Westinghouse-designed PWR power plants.

New Incore was created to provide an expert, efficient and safe Incore and Thermocouple instrumentation solution. Throughout our history, we have specialised in carrying out extraordinary processes due to their complexity or periodicity. Our experience allows us not only to adapt to technological advances, but also to anticipate them, to be at the forefront. Be at the forefront.

Some of the best instrumentation professionals in Europe lead the company’s multidisciplinary team. We guarantee excellence and agility because we have put all our knowledge into improving and optimising instrumentation to carry out preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of Incore and Thermocouple systems, as well as creating machines that improve processes.

More than 15 years of experience dedicated
to efficiency

Our team is our greatest guarantor of quality. The management and the rest of the engineers and technicians that make up the New Incore staff have gained knowledge that positions us as a benchmark company in terms of quality and performance speed.




Specialised in Incore and Thermocouple systems

We are the only European company specialised solely in the maintenance of Incore and Thermocouple intranuclear instrumentation.

We are also one of the few companies in the sector qualified to carry out highly complex technical work such as the cleaning and replacement of Thimbles and the replacement of Thermocouples and ERDs.

Excellence during
the process

Excellence is essential in the nuclear power industry. We know this, which is why our work focuses on achieving the highest process quality with the lowest possible exposure for the technicians working on site. More safety and more efficiency in less time is New Incore’s formula for greater profitability.


Our experience of more than 15 years in the nuclear industry and our unique patented high-tech specialised machinery has enabled us to reduce the maintenance time for Incore and Thermocouple systems, resulting in increased efficiency and process safety.

Our past experience enables us to look to the future.

Victor Estévez | CEO

Christian Berger | Technical advice

New Incore is a growing company In recent years we have focused on innovation, developing unique machinery to improve instrumentation processes and our own Incore simulator. We are also committed to geographical growth and internationalisation. We currently operate in different nuclear power plants throughout Europe:

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